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I finally have an oven range.

The cookie tray from the baking set fits perfectly, of course, since they're both Sylvanian.

It comes with a frying pan.
Scale-wise, the Re-ment pans and pots don't look off on it. This is a huge relief.

I also bought a sink. It comes with a knife and a chopping board. Haven't tried the cleanser and drying rack on this yet.

And then another television set, this time for L. There's a slot on top where you can slip in cards so that it looks like you're watching different shows. This is a cheaper version of the bulkier TV set, which I think is battery operated and comes with lots of other stuff.

I'll be getting a desk next time.

Just slipping in this picture of cakes from the Cake Shop series because they always make me feel happy.

I also have some other stuff I haven't taken pictures of yet, like these taiyaki I saved from someone's sale post.

i love your stuff!

Date: 2010-12-12 04:03 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You have inspired me to give my nendoroids a proper home! :D
Really hope you keep up the good work i love everything here and it has been a great
source of advice on what to get as well.

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