Jun. 12th, 2010

espresso: (sensei (hmm))
The post office and I, see, we're usually on good terms. Sometimes they muck things up, but they always make up for it in some unexpectedly nice way. But customs and I, that's a different story. I have only the deepest hate for them, mostly because they'll single you out for some reason that'll only make sense to them. You can order box after box and they won't bat an eyelash, but if you're unlucky enough, you'll land some d*ckhead who'll do his best to make a quick buck off you.

And that's what nearly happened to these two sets. I narrowly escaped paying double for them because of some timely 'divine' intervention (__ and __ will definitely be spoiled this christmas), but the process of waiting and retrieving sucked all enthusiasm out of me. When I finally got them, I only opened the boxes, looked at the contents, then put them all back. I think I'll be keeping them unopened for a while.

(Fly by review: both series are slightly bigger than I initially expected. I shouldn't have been surprised because recent releases like the European Grandma and the Pooh's Hunny Cafe have been on a larger scale than old Re-Ment, but I was surprised anyway.)

Now I'm apprehensive about these other ones I've ordered--

Altair's Natsume Takashi (late July)

Megahouse's Okita Sougo (early October)

-- because they'll surely come in humongous boxes (Megahouse in particular can be stupidly impractical about their packaging), and big boxes are easy prey for customs d*ckheads. One way to avoid dealing with them is to go for SAL instead of EMS, but I've already lost packages via SAL.

This is stupid.

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