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The furniture finally arrived.
Major scale discrepancy problems, but it doesn't look bad if you choose the pieces.

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I thought I could make half a room work, but it looks like I need to get the other half.

not happy

Aug. 19th, 2009 04:42 pm
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I absolutely refuse to believe that this is lost in the mail. I went over the particulars and apparently, I should be getting it this week or the next. If it doesn't show up next month, however, I'm doomed. And for all the griping I'm doing about it, I sure am reckless enough to get

I'm trying to switch for the set with blue cushions, to match the violet one I already have. [edit] Blue cushions set get.

In the event that all these arrive -- and by all means, they should -- I might have to do a bit of furniture selling. There's no way I can fit three tables in that room plus a sewing machine, which I don't really need. The same seller put another version of the same set, this time with a telephone. What. How many versions of this old set do they have anyway? I'm starting to doubt if I purchased an original or not, and frankly I don't even care; I just want things to get to me when they should.

I'm talking to you, kitchen rack and mugset in limbo.

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