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The furniture finally arrived.
Major scale discrepancy problems, but it doesn't look bad if you choose the pieces.

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I thought I could make half a room work, but it looks like I need to get the other half.
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a.k.a. the kitchen rack and mug set that narrowly escaped the Bermuda Triangle.
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Unknown person riffling through medicine box.

Suspicious-looking stomach medicine. Not recommended.


There are a few things I have yet to get in the mail (drat). I got hold of a television set, among other things. Very exciting.

There's a possibility that Phat Company will be coming up with more playsets with the same theme, seeing as they've already made a music room to match the previously released classroom playset. So, what's next for the Japanese house: kitchen? Bathroom? I want a bedroom with a non-plastic futon. Or a porch with steps leading to a small garden with a pond.
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Sets from different series that I'm too lazy to list down at the moment.
I suck at shooting in artificial light.
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I wasn't going to buy this, really. I already had plans for a room made to scale, with tatami mats and everything, and had all the measurements and the materials ready, until one day I looked at everything and said, I'm not making this.

My box came in two days.

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The next day I sold my only Re-Ment to someone who collects miniature food. I have replacements on the way; I just hope they don't get lost in the mail.
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