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It's commonly said that 1:12 is apt for nendoroids, but after months of buying Re-ment and having my fair share of hits and misses (more misses than hits maybe), I've come to the conclusion that scale isn't everything. Just because it's 1:12 doesn't mean it'll be perfect, and just because it's 1:6 doesn't mean you can't put it to good use.

Some pieces are just hopeless, like the kitchen trolley from the Storage Beauty series (if it towers a couple of centimeters over your figure's head, that's never going to work) but some, despite being on the large side, can be set beside other pieces and fit right in.

But it's really frustrating when you want a certain piece, only to find out that it's way too big to use. I've had that happen to me thrice now; first for the kitchen scale in #1 of the Europe no Obaachan Jiman no Oryouri series, then for the lemon cake (#1) and the picnic hamper (#4) in Pooh's Honey Cafe. But bigger pieces can always be used for Figmas instead, so they don't exactly go to waste.

If you're wary of guesswork, here's a good resource: mini-sizer. It's a bit small right now, but it already has a few popular pieces featured in it. I just learned that the toaster oven and the espresso machine from Kawaii Kitchen are on the large side, which I interpret to mean, in nendoroid terms, that the espresso machine will be around up to a nendoroid's forehead, and the toaster oven can pass for a standalone oven. (Drat.)

I'd choose Sylvanian Families for base pieces like furniture and certain appliances, but I prefer Re-ment for detailing. Megahouse miniatures are discontinued by now, so their resale prices can be a bit ridiculous, but there are some pieces that look great. The only Megahouse set I have is on the cutesy side though, much like Sylvanian Families stuff.

I'm done with shopping for miniatures for the year, and I think I can take it easy next year, but if Phat Company decides to do another Japanese room -- some other part of the house maybe -- then I'm doomed.
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