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Maybe it's because I haven't checked out the shelves in a while, but I was really surprised to find these in stock.

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hello 2011

Feb. 27th, 2011 04:11 am
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The cat was a gift.
Review for the (predictably expensive) lot to follow.
I still have a package to claim.
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I was actively buying miniatures until the first half of 2010, after which I momentarily lost the interest and the drive for them. I only started looking at pieces again a few weeks ago. My last purchase for the year would probably be the Toymaker's Set from Sylvanian Families.

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P.S. I had to cancel my last few figure preorders, but I swear, I will have that Megahouse 1/8 Okita. Someday. I'm already dreading the color prototype for the Katsura one. And I preordered this today, even though I've never read the series. He's too adorable, and I love all the accessories, and I'll be blunt -- I want that lamp.


Nov. 7th, 2010 05:36 pm
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These are really, really small. Like 4mm x 4mm small. If L were standing it'd only be a little taller than him. Anyway, I got the Tokyo Tower set for my birthday.* Planning to get the Kinkakuji one soon.

* Last year was a bit epic, celebration-wise, but this year was very quiet. Sensei stayed in his box and I had too much work and zero sleep. Too bad since I already bought us matching cakes. No, really.
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Fiddled with the moving panel in the living room to make it look like it was cemented over half-assedly, then decorated with weird things like a gigantic fishing rod and some rope for hanging. It makes zero sense and therefore is despair-inducing, which is why I love it.
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I didn't post this back then because the "wall" on the left side moved a bit.

I want to talk about L and why his neck peg placement is ingenious and silly at the same time, but now is not the time for that.

Which reminds me, I also have to find a new carrying case for him, something bigger than the one I use for sensei, because the chair is quite bulky.

And it's such a relief to have a figure that can actually sit down.
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The High Tea set is so much love! I think this might be a bit better than Orcara, though the latter also has good sets. Good thing these are very hard to get from outside HK.
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I saw some small metal bars for scrapbooking on sale, and used some for wall-mounted holders. I wanted to hang more cups, but I realized I already sold my cup set, and the ones I have left don't have open handles. Sigh. I'm also thinking of using the bars to hold up some shelves.


Dec. 10th, 2009 01:24 pm
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I got him a wall clock. You have to look at it closely to see it's a Hello Kitty vintage clock. It's from the Sanrio Vintage Mini 3 series.
There's also a Tuxedo Sam electric fan which is huge but cute. I'm saving it for summer.
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If Wikipedia's to be trusted, today is Itoshiki Nozomu's birthday. It also happens to be my birthday as well, which gives me -- or us? -- a very good reason to crack open a box from Re-Ment's Mini Sweets series.

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The second floor doesn't look too stable, but I kind of like this layout. You can actually stick a light up that ceiling. Hmmmm.
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This one's more coherent, I think.
I'm focusing on the living room part this time. It has a lot of potential.
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