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Very late, but happy new year!

2011 was, collecting-wise, very slow. There was the happy presence of Re-ment in local stores but the stocks were not updated as promised (where's the Rilakkuma?) After splurging on the European Grandma series and deciding the Tsukiji Sushi series was not cute enough to complete, I stopped buying completely. In the meantime, I bought a few Sylvanian Families accessories. The bf also helped by getting me a dinner set, and by surprising me with some other non-mini stuff, such as the Megahouse Okita, and this one, before the year ended--

Totally unexpected.

I expect 2012 to be just as slow, if not slower, because figure collecting has to give way to uhh intelligent spending, but the online window shopping will continue, and when the Rilakkuma sets come here I will definitely start running all over the place.

I will also cautiously write in the Cheerful ver. nendoroid Kaito and the Moritaka nendoroid into my plans for the year. And maybe plan better housing; the playsets don't work as well as they used to.


Apr. 23rd, 2011 09:48 pm
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A small gift from the bf.
I finally have someone who fits the girly bed!

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I was actively buying miniatures until the first half of 2010, after which I momentarily lost the interest and the drive for them. I only started looking at pieces again a few weeks ago. My last purchase for the year would probably be the Toymaker's Set from Sylvanian Families.

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P.S. I had to cancel my last few figure preorders, but I swear, I will have that Megahouse 1/8 Okita. Someday. I'm already dreading the color prototype for the Katsura one. And I preordered this today, even though I've never read the series. He's too adorable, and I love all the accessories, and I'll be blunt -- I want that lamp.


Nov. 7th, 2010 05:36 pm
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These are really, really small. Like 4mm x 4mm small. If L were standing it'd only be a little taller than him. Anyway, I got the Tokyo Tower set for my birthday.* Planning to get the Kinkakuji one soon.

* Last year was a bit epic, celebration-wise, but this year was very quiet. Sensei stayed in his box and I had too much work and zero sleep. Too bad since I already bought us matching cakes. No, really.
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All those supplies falling from her skirt never fail to amaze me.
As for the petit nendoroid Hitagi, she's still sealed in the box. I don't think I'll ever open that box (where did my enthusiasm go?)

in the mail

May. 9th, 2010 08:36 pm
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I didn't lose anything in the mail after all.
And the petits arrived a lot earlier than I expected.
I still haven't opened the box.
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I saw a cute photo of toast with egg in the middle and wanted to do something like that, but I didn't have a round cutter, and the jar lid I used just squished the muffin in the middle. Meh.

Also, I've started a short photo project inspired by the 365 Toys project at Flickr. There's someone who's been taking one photo a day of her nendoroid Sebastian Michaelis, which is so adorable. I thought I'd do a mini version of that project, thus: L 20 (at Tumblr). I haven't really used L that much since I got him, so maybe this'll be a good time to start.
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Fiddled with the moving panel in the living room to make it look like it was cemented over half-assedly, then decorated with weird things like a gigantic fishing rod and some rope for hanging. It makes zero sense and therefore is despair-inducing, which is why I love it.
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I didn't post this back then because the "wall" on the left side moved a bit.

I want to talk about L and why his neck peg placement is ingenious and silly at the same time, but now is not the time for that.

Which reminds me, I also have to find a new carrying case for him, something bigger than the one I use for sensei, because the chair is quite bulky.

And it's such a relief to have a figure that can actually sit down.
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Today I'd like to talk about one of two Ls from this set.
Please excuse the lighting.
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I love coffee, and I think I have good coffee karma: every time I've stocked up on new bags, that's when somebody sends me a lot more coffee. At the moment there are around six bags of beans waiting to be brewed! It's such an overwhelming, happy thing.
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Re-ment 'Gohan Mada?!' set #2 is a bento box, which comes with an egg frying pan, egg rolls (1 uncut, 2 cut), cooking chopsticks, a complete bento set with a fork, and a thermos.
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This made me very very very happy today.
I didn't think it was possible to love him more than I already do!
He looks like he's wearing a dress, but this is actually just the top. His legs were too stubby for the trousers.
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