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If there's one thing I learned from this meme, it's to clean anything before shooting.
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Day 4:
World Masterpiece Theatre by Kaiyodo

World Masterpiece Theatre bottlecaps made by Kaiyodo. The Rascal one in the soapy bath is a personal favorite. For bottlecaps I'm only missing the secret versions, but for the mini-vignettes, I'm missing a lot. See the rest of the series at omochayaya (link in Japanese).
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Day 3:
Let's make sunny side up eggs! by Kaiyodo

Number five of a Pandakopanda bottlecap series made by Kaiyodo exclusively for Family Mart in 2003. More on the series here.
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There's a meme at Flickr where you take a picture of a toy per day. It looks like a lot of fun, but I'll have to limit myself to seven figures for seven days, which I think is a lot more feasible. Here I go then.

Day 1:
1/8 Kino by Good Smile Company

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