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For someone who started buying Re-ment mainly as accessories and furniture for nendoroids, the recent Rilakkuma releases have been a source of frustration.

They're cute, but they're absolutely not compatible with the nendoroids I have.

But they're cute.

But they're also too big for the scale I'm working with, and while that can be said for a lot of pieces in my collection, those ones aren't character goods. The Rilakkuma series is unmistakably Rilakkuma. I don't even know Rilakkuma that well.

But they're cute.

I'm torn between want and back off now there's a good dear. Here's what I mean by that.

hokkori gohan )
honwaka panya-san )
ichigo sweet party )
nonbiri cooking )
chocolate cafe )

Hopefully by putting this up and by going through each item repeatedly I will be able to dissuade myself from buying any of these in the near future. Besides, I have already passed on what is the only other nendoroid I would go out of my way to purchase, and that says a lot about self-control (more like the current state of my wallet, but let's pretend it's the self-control).

I...haven't mentioned there were cafe tables, have I?
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Maybe it's because I haven't checked out the shelves in a while, but I was really surprised to find these in stock.

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Apr. 23rd, 2011 09:48 pm
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A small gift from the bf.
I finally have someone who fits the girly bed!

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But a lot of things happened between then and now so this post is super late.
The only Re-ment items are the ones from the Mushroom series. The rest are by Megahouse.

This piece makes me hungry.

hello 2011

Feb. 27th, 2011 04:11 am
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The cat was a gift.
Review for the (predictably expensive) lot to follow.
I still have a package to claim.
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I was actively buying miniatures until the first half of 2010, after which I momentarily lost the interest and the drive for them. I only started looking at pieces again a few weeks ago. My last purchase for the year would probably be the Toymaker's Set from Sylvanian Families.

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P.S. I had to cancel my last few figure preorders, but I swear, I will have that Megahouse 1/8 Okita. Someday. I'm already dreading the color prototype for the Katsura one. And I preordered this today, even though I've never read the series. He's too adorable, and I love all the accessories, and I'll be blunt -- I want that lamp.
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mm so the tilt shift generator doesn't work with bad photos
Caved in and opened the box.
This series is really huge.
And now I have eight bears.
They're cute, but I don't know what to do with them.
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The post office and I, see, we're usually on good terms. Sometimes they muck things up, but they always make up for it in some unexpectedly nice way. But customs and I, that's a different story. I have only the deepest hate for them, mostly because they'll single you out for some reason that'll only make sense to them. You can order box after box and they won't bat an eyelash, but if you're unlucky enough, you'll land some d*ckhead who'll do his best to make a quick buck off you.

And that's what nearly happened to these two sets. I narrowly escaped paying double for them because of some timely 'divine' intervention (__ and __ will definitely be spoiled this christmas), but the process of waiting and retrieving sucked all enthusiasm out of me. When I finally got them, I only opened the boxes, looked at the contents, then put them all back. I think I'll be keeping them unopened for a while.

(Fly by review: both series are slightly bigger than I initially expected. I shouldn't have been surprised because recent releases like the European Grandma and the Pooh's Hunny Cafe have been on a larger scale than old Re-Ment, but I was surprised anyway.)

Now I'm apprehensive about these other ones I've ordered--

Altair's Natsume Takashi (late July)

Megahouse's Okita Sougo (early October)

-- because they'll surely come in humongous boxes (Megahouse in particular can be stupidly impractical about their packaging), and big boxes are easy prey for customs d*ckheads. One way to avoid dealing with them is to go for SAL instead of EMS, but I've already lost packages via SAL.

This is stupid.

in the mail

May. 9th, 2010 08:36 pm
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I didn't lose anything in the mail after all.
And the petits arrived a lot earlier than I expected.
I still haven't opened the box.
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The wallpaper I chose for the kitchen didn't turn out very kitchen-y, so I tried to make a bedroom instead. Next time I do this I think I'll paste over the partition on the top.

The faulty white balance is there to annoy those who like their white balance balanced.
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I've always wondered what this looks like unwrapped,

so I opened it.
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Fiddled with the moving panel in the living room to make it look like it was cemented over half-assedly, then decorated with weird things like a gigantic fishing rod and some rope for hanging. It makes zero sense and therefore is despair-inducing, which is why I love it.
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I didn't post this back then because the "wall" on the left side moved a bit.

I want to talk about L and why his neck peg placement is ingenious and silly at the same time, but now is not the time for that.

Which reminds me, I also have to find a new carrying case for him, something bigger than the one I use for sensei, because the chair is quite bulky.

And it's such a relief to have a figure that can actually sit down.
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I think these are lost in the mail:

unless they magically turn up at the post office in the middle of the year or something. I used to have problems with the HK post, but now it's the USPS. This is annoying because I need that sack of flour.

As for other things I "need" (a short list because my want list is too horribly long to post):

And look at this set coming out in May (info c/o electrikbarbarella@flickr):

A lot of that can actually come in handy, minus the bears. I hope those bears are detachable. They're cute though.
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Today I'd like to talk about one of two Ls from this set.
Please excuse the lighting.
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