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I was actively buying miniatures until the first half of 2010, after which I momentarily lost the interest and the drive for them. I only started looking at pieces again a few weeks ago. My last purchase for the year would probably be the Toymaker's Set from Sylvanian Families.

I got the Epoch (UK) version. It's a very nice piece with lots of stuff on it. It even comes with a raccoon, whose work apron I promptly set aside for Sensei.

I don't know if you can tell but that apron is perfect. I'll do a cleaning post to better show it off.

So anyway, this isn't the first desk I got. Weeks ago, I bought a basic writing desk with a chair and a small holder with two pencils.

But I was right to get the toymaker's set, because it has the right amount of clutter I was aiming for. I added a few Re-ment to the mess. It's a good thing that the pieces fit.

It's a shame that this couldn't be holiday-flavoured, but here's hoping you're spending the holidays doing things that make you happy.

P.S. I had to cancel my last few figure preorders, but I swear, I will have that Megahouse 1/8 Okita. Someday. I'm already dreading the color prototype for the Katsura one. And I preordered this today, even though I've never read the series. He's too adorable, and I love all the accessories, and I'll be blunt -- I want that lamp.

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