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Very late, but happy new year!

2011 was, collecting-wise, very slow. There was the happy presence of Re-ment in local stores but the stocks were not updated as promised (where's the Rilakkuma?) After splurging on the European Grandma series and deciding the Tsukiji Sushi series was not cute enough to complete, I stopped buying completely. In the meantime, I bought a few Sylvanian Families accessories. The bf also helped by getting me a dinner set, and by surprising me with some other non-mini stuff, such as the Megahouse Okita, and this one, before the year ended--

Totally unexpected.

I expect 2012 to be just as slow, if not slower, because figure collecting has to give way to uhh intelligent spending, but the online window shopping will continue, and when the Rilakkuma sets come here I will definitely start running all over the place.

I will also cautiously write in the Cheerful ver. nendoroid Kaito and the Moritaka nendoroid into my plans for the year. And maybe plan better housing; the playsets don't work as well as they used to.
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For someone who started buying Re-ment mainly as accessories and furniture for nendoroids, the recent Rilakkuma releases have been a source of frustration.

They're cute, but they're absolutely not compatible with the nendoroids I have.

But they're cute.

But they're also too big for the scale I'm working with, and while that can be said for a lot of pieces in my collection, those ones aren't character goods. The Rilakkuma series is unmistakably Rilakkuma. I don't even know Rilakkuma that well.

But they're cute.

I'm torn between want and back off now there's a good dear. Here's what I mean by that.

hokkori gohan )
honwaka panya-san )
ichigo sweet party )
nonbiri cooking )
chocolate cafe )

Hopefully by putting this up and by going through each item repeatedly I will be able to dissuade myself from buying any of these in the near future. Besides, I have already passed on what is the only other nendoroid I would go out of my way to purchase, and that says a lot about self-control (more like the current state of my wallet, but let's pretend it's the self-control).

I...haven't mentioned there were cafe tables, have I?
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One of the biggest surprises (in several ways) I've gotten in recent years.

As for minis, I've been hoarding European Grandma boxes. Would like to talk about my favorite pieces sometime.
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The High Tea set is so much love! I think this might be a bit better than Orcara, though the latter also has good sets. Good thing these are very hard to get from outside HK.
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Another shot of mine made it to the GSC Mikatan blog. It's the eighth shot from the top.

And that's it from us this year!
Happy Christmas everyone. Stay warm.
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If Wikipedia's to be trusted, today is Itoshiki Nozomu's birthday. It also happens to be my birthday as well, which gives me -- or us? -- a very good reason to crack open a box from Re-Ment's Mini Sweets series.

party pic spam )
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...a shot of yours makes it to the Good Smile Company Mikatan blog! Just scroll down to the part sent in by サクラ (if you've seen the playset post you'll know which one it is).

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