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For someone who started buying Re-ment mainly as accessories and furniture for nendoroids, the recent Rilakkuma releases have been a source of frustration.

They're cute, but they're absolutely not compatible with the nendoroids I have.

But they're cute.

But they're also too big for the scale I'm working with, and while that can be said for a lot of pieces in my collection, those ones aren't character goods. The Rilakkuma series is unmistakably Rilakkuma. I don't even know Rilakkuma that well.

But they're cute.

I'm torn between want and back off now there's a good dear. Here's what I mean by that.

Hokkori Gohan

Printed brown bread.
Toaster that's not as cute as the Megahouse panda toaster, but still cute.

Aaaah pancakes.
Honey in a bear jar. The partially melted butter also looks good.

Could skip this but I have that soup cup for real and would like to have a shot of it with the mini. Apparently I have the lighter bear cup and not the brown one.

Again, could skip this but bear-shaped senbei is really cute.

Very cute bento set.

This one I can really skip.

Aaaah that little boiled egg aaaah.

The chick is funny. I know someone whom I can give it to but I'm not sure what I can do with those cupcakes.

Honwaka Panya-san

Not too enthusiastic about this series as I was with the first, but there are still a few cute pieces.

Cute on its own, but I can skip this.


Mmmm cute. TORN.

There's that funny chick again. But I'm not too hot on pink woven trays so skip.

I actually want to eat that sandwich. Want.


B-B-Bear chausson. I am weak against flaky pastry.


Not bad.

Already have generic melon pan, so skip.


I suppose this could hang on a kitchen wall or wooden door? Which I don't have, so skip.

Ichigo Sweet Party

This set is extremely pink. It's a cross between Merry Strawberry and some other cute themed series like...I don't know, the Little Twin Stars party series? But it's still undeniably cute.

Sparkly strawberry drinks aaaah. Bonbons in metallic paper wrapping aaaah.

This one I can do without.

That pot comes straight out of Merry Strawberry but aaaah matching teasets! With small sandwiches!


Mmm skip, but that strawberry lollipop...

Can do without the ice creams, but mascot itself is really cute.

This is the Merry Strawberry fondue set with eyes, but that strawberry cream dip...!

Skip, but I wouldn't mind if I had it.

Nonbiri Cooking

One of the weaker sets, but some pieces can be used. I think.

Sliced bear bread? Or maybe that bear-shaped fried egg.

Pass. But maybe I'll get those strawberries.

Pass. (Wait. They're doughnuts?!)

Cookies aaagh.

That salt/pepper shaker.

It wasn't until somebody from the Re-ment group at Flickr took a macro shot of that ice tray that I realized those ice cubes were shaped like bears. And vanilla ice cream doesn't look half bad. And the soda too. Aaaah.

Chocolate Cafe

I love everything in here.

Mmm cake stand. And gateau au chocolat!

Aaaaaaaaah. All of it. All of it.

If I have that hefty bear loaf from the bakery set, I can turn it into chocolate toast!
Yes, please.

That paper bag and that hot coffee in a cup.

That coffee bean bag looks a lot better than the Megahouse Dachs Coffee Shop bean bag I have. And I have a strange weakness for chocolate lollipops.

Hopefully by putting this up and by going through each item repeatedly I will be able to dissuade myself from buying any of these in the near future. Besides, I have already passed on what is the only other nendoroid I would go out of my way to purchase, and that says a lot about self-control (more like the current state of my wallet, but let's pretend it's the self-control).

I...haven't mentioned there were cafe tables, have I?
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