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Today I'd like to talk about one of two Ls from this set.
Please excuse the lighting.

The nendoroid petit L has the same irresistible charm as the regular nendoroid L, but with less accessories and no extra faces. To mimic what the regular nendoroid can do, you have to get all the Ls from the nendoroid petit series. Including the ones in case file #1 plus a secret version, that's five small Ls. I only have one because that's all I can afford. /sob

The round pegs at the base and the connector for the back make it easy to move the figure around.

It can support the figure's whole weight to some extent. No heavy head problems with this one either.

The neck peg allows for some surprising articulation.

This L comes with an arm and a tennis racket, and one more arm for the "bang" pose.

A nendoroid petit and regular nendoroid size comparison. It's so small!

There are some fans selling off their nendoroid petits from this series. I think these are pretty well made for trading figures, so I'd recommend snapping these up if you get the chance.

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