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I love coffee, and I think I have good coffee karma: every time I've stocked up on new bags, that's when somebody sends me a lot more coffee. At the moment there are around six bags of beans waiting to be brewed! It's such an overwhelming, happy thing.

Coincidentally, I wanted to talk about set #2 from Orcara's Cooking with the Master series. Orcara is a line of miniatures made in HK. I don't know if two sets are enough to go by, but Orcara miniatures are pretty good. The vintage coffee bean grinder has a wheel that really spins, and a pull out drawer for ground beans.

I put the Sylvanian Families coffeemaker beside the Orcara coffee pot and coffee cup for size comparison.

One very sought after coffee-related item is the espresso machine from the Re-ment Kawa(ii) Kitchen series. It's paired with its own smallish mug, but I like to use this red mug instead.

Re-ment also included a UCC assortment of canned milk coffee and plain coffee in its Gift series.

The plain coffee can is smaller than the canned milk coffee can.
Coincidentally, I've tried both varieties, and the Black variant is better.

And then there's something that eerily resembles a caramel frappuccino in the Re-ment Puchi Donuts series. It's still coffee-based, in a way, though it's spruced up so fancily that it's not really coffee anymore.

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