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Sets from different series that I'm too lazy to list down at the moment.
I suck at shooting in artificial light.

Like I said before, I'm aiming for organized chaos, which is easy to achieve if you have a lot of stuff to pile up in a really tight space. Like so.

Except that it still looks too tidy, so I threw the food in.

This is closer to the look I'm aiming for, but I need chaos in context. I mean who leaves cake lying around, for pete's sake. Not that I know pete or anything, but.

This set taught me that just because one set's to scale doesn't mean the rest of them are. It's a little weird. The box and the essay are huge, but the supplies are just right. Huh.

There was a mistake with my order: a different set was shipped to me by mistake, but they've offered to rectify that by sending me a new one. Instead of reordering the original set -- which is not to scale, btw -- I settled for a new set altogether. It was hard to decide between a shopping basket and a face mask. Decisions decisions.

I'll give Sensei a break and use this guy for the rest of the new re-ment set posts.

Date: 2009-07-22 05:00 pm (UTC)
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The stationery set is cute. I had my eyes on a chemistry set one to use in the classroom with sensei.

Are the Figma figures also to scale to the Re-ment things? I don't really like the ugly look of the joints on the Figmas but at the same time, they're a little cheaper than getting more Nendoroids

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