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I love coffee, and I think I have good coffee karma: every time I've stocked up on new bags, that's when somebody sends me a lot more coffee. At the moment there are around six bags of beans waiting to be brewed! It's such an overwhelming, happy thing.
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Re-ment 'Gohan Mada?!' set #2 is a bento box, which comes with an egg frying pan, egg rolls (1 uncut, 2 cut), cooking chopsticks, a complete bento set with a fork, and a thermos.
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This made me very very very happy today.
I didn't think it was possible to love him more than I already do!
He looks like he's wearing a dress, but this is actually just the top. His legs were too stubby for the trousers.
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Today I got these in the mail. I'll be getting literally cartons of eggs in a few months, but now I think I can do with these just fine. There is also one small bottle of vanilla extract that I forgot to add. The whisk is a good choice, but I also got an electric handheld mixer just in case.

Actually I think I have everything covered except that I don't have an oven.

There have been quite a lot of additions to the stash, mostly outdoorsy stuff. I've been hunting for green felt for a backdrop but couldn't find a nice shade to work with.
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My first complete set! I got it at 40% off.

Unfortunately I'll have to review this tomorrow instead.
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I saw some small metal bars for scrapbooking on sale, and used some for wall-mounted holders. I wanted to hang more cups, but I realized I already sold my cup set, and the ones I have left don't have open handles. Sigh. I'm also thinking of using the bars to hold up some shelves.


Dec. 10th, 2009 01:24 pm
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I got him a wall clock. You have to look at it closely to see it's a Hello Kitty vintage clock. It's from the Sanrio Vintage Mini 3 series.
There's also a Tuxedo Sam electric fan which is huge but cute. I'm saving it for summer.
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If Wikipedia's to be trusted, today is Itoshiki Nozomu's birthday. It also happens to be my birthday as well, which gives me -- or us? -- a very good reason to crack open a box from Re-Ment's Mini Sweets series.

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The second floor doesn't look too stable, but I kind of like this layout. You can actually stick a light up that ceiling. Hmmmm.
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This one's more coherent, I think.
I'm focusing on the living room part this time. It has a lot of potential.
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The furniture finally arrived.
Major scale discrepancy problems, but it doesn't look bad if you choose the pieces.

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I thought I could make half a room work, but it looks like I need to get the other half.
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a.k.a. the kitchen rack and mug set that narrowly escaped the Bermuda Triangle.
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not happy

Aug. 19th, 2009 04:42 pm
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I absolutely refuse to believe that this is lost in the mail. I went over the particulars and apparently, I should be getting it this week or the next. If it doesn't show up next month, however, I'm doomed. And for all the griping I'm doing about it, I sure am reckless enough to get

I'm trying to switch for the set with blue cushions, to match the violet one I already have. [edit] Blue cushions set get.

In the event that all these arrive -- and by all means, they should -- I might have to do a bit of furniture selling. There's no way I can fit three tables in that room plus a sewing machine, which I don't really need. The same seller put another version of the same set, this time with a telephone. What. How many versions of this old set do they have anyway? I'm starting to doubt if I purchased an original or not, and frankly I don't even care; I just want things to get to me when they should.

I'm talking to you, kitchen rack and mugset in limbo.
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